Doncha love free software? Have I asked that before?

I had a 91-page PDF document with the pages in backward order. That’s annoying. I tried to use Acrobat (Standard) to reverse the pages, but I’m too dumb to make that work. My best guess after 20 minutes of searching Adobe’s help and the web was to print to PDF with the ‘reverse pages’ turned on. That did not produce a satisfying result.

Then I popped over to Freshmeat to ask that oasis of software goodness for some help. In less time than it took to try the print experiment (it had cranked for a good 15 minutes…), I found pdftk, installed it, learned how to get it do do what I wanted (pdftk manual.pdf cat 91-1 output manual-rev.pdf), did it, got a satisfying result, and mailed the developers a thank you note.



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