Monthly Archives: January 2008


Domain-name specificity

I used to be surprised when I ran into a really specific-sounding domain name on the web. For example, But, when ya think about it, it’s $10/year or less to register a domain name, and the really specific ones are less likely to be taken already, and maintaining a virtual server for a name costs essentially zero unless someone uses it (in which case you can probably make back your money).

In this specific case, I couldn’t figure out where to buy replacement arm pads for my chair, but a web search revealed said web site and they delivered as advertised. So I’m much happier with my chair now that I’ve replaced the worn out (and sucky even when new) arm pads with these babies. Yes, I am willing to spend $60 for ’em, as long as they last better than the stock ones on this $300 chair.


Direct brain interface

Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me until I read An ‘attractive’ man-machine interface, but there’ll probably be a time when a person could have a temporary direct computer-brain interface without surgery or an implant or something. Just some nanobugs that you swallow, and that attach themselves to, say, optic nerves, and a wireless device in your pocket talking to them. I think I’d be quite a bit less hesitant to try something like that if it was shown to be reversible over a short period of time.

[If desired, insert joke about how if your brain was running Windows, then…]