Monthly Archives: July 2005


Economic readin’

I’ve been reading an economic anthology, “The Economic Nature of the Firm” that’s far more interesting than I first guessed it would be. Economics is another case of how school can ruin someone’s appreciation of a subject; I never thought, from my Econ courses, that economics was actually interesting, ya know?

This book is giving me more to like about the study of economics, and is giving me insights into what firms are, why they exist, why they maybe shouldn’t exist, how I can fit in as an individual entrepreneur, etc. Fun.


An interesting li’l DSL

I like DSLs. Here’s a paper about one, “Experience with a Language for Writing Coherence Protocols”

It’s slightly amazing to me that coherence protocols are a rich and complex enough subject to merit developing a DSL. Reading the article points out why such is true, though.


Video game ‘meditation’

Ever tried to play an exciting video game, one that would normally make you tense and boost your adrenaline, while trying to remain as calm as possible (and trying not to mash your controller/keyboard)? Wonder what effects one might be able to get by practicing that… Seems like it could be another way to go at meditation, as well as a way to get better at the game…