Monthly Archives: June 2006


The XML Illusion

One of the things that people tout as a strength of XML is its “human-readability”. But we pay a big price, in terms of CPU, bandwidth, and storage, for the terabytes of XML that are parsed, shuffled, and stored without a human eye ever reading them.

By the way, you ever tried to read some of the stuff that comes out of, say, OpenOffice? To call it human-readable is a bit overstated. And don’t get me started on XML-based scripting languages! I mean it, don’t!


P. Peeves

‘Pet peeves’. Seems we ought not be nurturing our peeves as if they were something we want to thrive under our care, like a pet. Seems they’re more like parasites than pets (but then, parasites are an analogy that’s more likely to come to my mind in any situation after reading “Parasite Rex”). We don’t really want them, but we haven’t yet developed a personally effective way to deal with them. But we certainly shouldn’t be treating them like pets…