Monthly Archives: October 2007


Backups are good

If you’re a go-go guy like me, you don’t want to have to spend a quarter-second between keystrokes to realize that you’ve accidentally selected five hundred files instead of just two before you hit that delete key. Backups to the rescue. That and ntfsundelete, which helps you get the handful of files that were modified since the backup yesterday. Because you deleted these files 2 minutes, literally, before the next backup VSS snapshot was to be created.


Neurons abuzz

Hmmm, it’s pretty interesting to me how my brain works sometimes.

Tonight as I was walking home from the grocery store, not particularly thinking about work, it popped into my mind: infinite loop! If a certain event happens tonight, there’ll be an infinite loop that will fill up the disk, which sucks a bunch on a remote machine because you might not be able to log in at that point to clean it up, and I’d have to have tech support clean it up and reboot it, and the pilot starts tomorrow.

Fixed that before the event happened, but only thanks to the fact that somewhere in my brain, there was a simulation running of two servlets on two machines reacting to a nightly automatic event…



Not many hits come up in search engines for the word ‘temporological’. Nothing like ‘psychophysiological’, for example.

But I did think of a reason to make such a compound today. I was thinking about how in software code*, for a given ‘location’ in the code (line number, basic block, etc.), there are a set of temporal and logical conditions that hold there. For example, “after this line in this block, the Person object has been created and all its fields are null”.

I’m kinda fascinated by that aspect of programming, but I can’t explain precisely why yet…

* I normally wouldn’t use a weird phrase like “software code”, but I didn’t want to say just “code”, and I didn’t want to say just “software”. Huh.