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Toshiba A105 fan control in Linux

Hmmm, one annoying and potentially dangerous thing about Linux on my Toshiba A105-S4134 is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to get fan control to work. When first booted, the fan goes to low mode and just stays there forever, which means I could end up with an overheated CPU/motherboard. So far it hasn’t been an actual problem, but that’s one of those things that could come up when you don’t expect it, or could cause cumulative damage which eventually disables the whole machine.

After resuming from suspend, the fan usually goes to high mode and stays there forever, which of course is annoying, even if less dangerous. This actually happened in Windows, too, where I used the Toshiba power utility thing to work around the problem. Don’t have a workaround here.

The fan is advertised via ACPI, but when I try to use /proc/acpi to control it, I get a variety of errors no matter what I try.

There’s the ‘omnibook’ module for the kernel around that has a hint of support for the A105, but it doesn’t do fan.

Dunno what to do about this one yet…