Monthly Archives: January 2009


Now, that’s service!

I just had another good customer service interaction. Excellent, actually.

Last night, I ordered some bookshelves online from Staples. Before I ordered, I happened to notice a $75 off coupon for any online order of $290 or more. But I forgot to add that when I placed the order.

Today, I thought, hey, why not try getting them to add the coupon after the fact? (I couldn’t modify the order directly as it was already being processed).

I found the link to a live customer service chat pretty easily, gave them my story, and they immediately credited me the $75+tax. Yay, Staples!

  • First, $75 off is a nice coupon.
  • Having a link to a live chat for customer service, and making it easy to find, is great for a guy who doesn’t like to use a phone for such things.
  • Answering the live chat connect request within 20 seconds is better than expected.
  • Immediately crediting me when it was really my fault and when the order was already being processed is just ‘wow’.

Me likey.