Monthly Archives: March 2008


Real estate… in my pants

It’s really interesting how consumer electronics evolve. It struck me reading this article about a new NFC phone that cell phones represent the hottest real estate in CE right now. There’s really no particularly necessary reason that phones should also act as payment devices, except that Citi wants to get in your pants, and they see that you’ve got that bulge in your pocket, and it just starts to make sense from there, both for them and for anyone who has a cell phone and also pays for stuff. And once that technology is integrated, one can imagine all sorts of other synergies to be had, such that in a few years it’ll seem so obvious that of course your payment device is integrated with your voice-text-picture -video-addressbook-game -web-positioning-memo -schedule-reader-mapping -music-etc. device…


Fresh socks

Why do my socks come in a resealable bag?