HD upgrades are easy

Being a veteran of a number of hard drive replacement-upgrades (probably 15… not a huge number, but not a little one), I’m accustomed to a good deal of annoyance in the process, especially with laptops. But the technology has settled down somewhat and I’m happy to report that my recent HD upgrade in my laptop was a relief relative to my other experiences.

I used Hitachi’s Notebook PC Upgrade kit. It was only $20 more than the competing product that didn’t include an outboard enclosure, and I can always use another enclosure if I’m going to be orphaning a hard drive anyway.

The enclosure and software came from Apricorn, a company I hadn’t heard of but am now suitably impressed with. The software was miles better than any other bundled drive migration software I’ve used before. This product isn’t the only positive factor in my success today (for example, OSs are better at dealing with changed hardware and connectors and compartments are more standardized), but I’m still impressed.

Here are some of the pains I didn’t have to deal with in this upgrade that I’ve had to live with in the past:

  • having Windows get confused and fail to boot because the drive letter changed
  • having to clone my Windows and Linux partitions with completely different processes
  • having to boot off a rescue CD and restore the boot loader to get dual-boot back
  • dealing with file-in-use problems
  • waiting 3 hours for the clone to finish
  • cursing myself for having trusted the bundled software and restarting the entire process
  • having a drive hanging out the side of the machine attached by an IDE connector (I assume those things aren’t made to bear a load…)
  • having to image the drive to a network drive and then back because there was nowhere else to plug in the new drive


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