Ice wuss

I’m an ice wuss, I admit. I really, just really, don’t like walking on ice. But I’m trying not to be such a wuss about it, so I made myself walk home under icy conditions today. Had a couple slips, but no falls.

Well, until the very last step of my route that had any ice on it. At which point I fell forward, but in a rather brilliant way such that I landed with both hands in some fairly cushiony snow, and no other body parts making contact. I’d like to see it on film, actually; it must have looked pretty cool.

So, anyway…


  • 2005/12/24 - 03:39 | Permalink

    You can see it on film, no problem. Just fill out a freedom of information act request with your local government office. Big brother is watching, you know.

  • Steven
    2005/12/24 - 18:50 | Permalink

    “Freedom of information”? Whazzat? Must be some weird German thing; you gotta remember, I’m still in the U.S.

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