Letters and cases

I was just looking at a travel itinerary sent through email, and it reminded me of something. There has been a great failure in the computing profession.

I’m a computing professional myself, so I feel some responsibility to repair this failure, and if my blog does nothing else, I’d love it if I could just get more awareness of this one particular issue. I feel the need to inform people in all walks of life of this one fact: computers can store and display letters in cases other than ‘upper’. Among the other cases that can be used in computer-mediated communication is the case ‘lower’. Just incorporating that one additional case into your repertoire would take us all a nice little step toward a better world.

Hmmm, maybe I should make a short slogan out of this concept to sort of help the meme spread. Let’s see…:

“Use lower case (in your computer-mediated communications, whether you are a computing professional yourself incorporating human-visible text into your software, displays, software configurations, error messages, etc., or whether you are someone who is directly or indirectly responsible for forming specifications for projects wherein the aforementioned computing professionals are presenting human-visible text on your behalf)!”

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