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I hope Swheat Scoop is ready to quadruple their sales overnight, because I’m endorsing their product.

I mentioned in a previous post how I love clumping litter, right? But the clay-based stuff I used had some annoying properties. It had a great tendency to stick to kitty’s paws, and then slowly drop out later. Little bits of litter ended up on most of the furniture and all the major areas of the floor. Little poky bits that hurt bare feet and scratched hardwood floors. The little bits that didn’t end up on the floor ended up matted into paw hair and/or ingested by my very clean cat.

One can talk about the environmental benefits of wheat litter, and those _are_ good, but it’s the improvement in the tracking properties that really sells me on the stuff. It sticks less, so that it doesn’t get spread around as much in the first place. If it does get spread around, it’s a lot less annoying on the feet and less damaging to the floor. If she does ingest some of the litter during cleaning, I’m not nearly as worried about the toxic effects on the kitty. It clumps just as well and has less overall mass when discarded.

The only bad thing is that the stuff is harder to sweep up with my sweeper (this fairly cool thing), because the grains are very light and are more likely to just get kicked away before they’re swept up than the heavier gravel grains. Well, and you might complain about the price. I haven’t done any actual tracking of how long a pound lasts, but when you look at it in the store, it definitely costs more per pound than a lot of the other stuff. If you’re the type of person that says “$0.50 a day? For a cat!? Outrageous!”, then you may be wary. I should try to figure out how much it really does cost per day; I’ll tell you if I do…

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