Collected Facebookings, part 1

(because they’re so bleedin’ precious.)
Steven Ourada pretended to have a dream about being an ‘always-on’ performance artist whose life’s project was to become so bland, inoffensive, noteworthless, timid and unlovable that whenever he left the room, anyone remaining would, if queried, be completely unable to describe any attribute of him. They would not, of course, be so queried.

Steven Ourada needs your money to continue a research agenda to explore the hypothesis that extraterrestrials have discovered a neurological loophole by which they can cause humans to hear snippets of music and jingles that to us seem random, but are actually carefully planned to try to convey an important message. (cont.)

Steven Ourada … Currently, we believe the message to be somewhere between ‘Who wants cake?’ and ‘Left hip pocket, fourth drawer down, 501 Wembly Road’. As you can see, there is more work to do, so please give generously.

Steven Ourada would sometime like to visit the Over Easy universe. You know, that universe in which the laws of physics are sufficiently different from our own as to permit the possibility of cooking eggs over easy. I bet in that universe, Falco had a series of hits through the early 90’s.

Steven Ourada imagines a world in which surfaces of all genera can live in harmony. Yes, you’ll openly point out that cones and spheres are homeomorphic, but who among you will say “And tori, too, are members of this equivalence class!”?

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