Simplifying my mail management

Here’s a simple thing I did today that will save me some annoyance when dealing with new mail.

I manage my mail in Thunderbird by the simple rule of: if it’s something I need to respond to or reread soon, it stays in the inbox. If it’s junk, junk it, if it’s totally ephemeral, trash it, otherwise it goes to the ‘old’ folder. There are already keyboard shortcuts for junk and trash, but I was still dragging and dropping to put stuff in the old folder. Until I installed keyconfig (and yeah, that link is as close as there is to a project page for the thing, unless you count the author’s homepage). I then installed a script on O that says

No more drag-n-drop to manage my email. Nice.

(Update: now Thunderbird has that nice ‘A’-for-Archive button, so I use that instead. Had to archive everything from my ‘old’ folder to make that happen, but that wasn’t too bad. I did have one problem, though: I had stuff in my ‘old’ folder addressed to, for example, acct at, which was an alias I used to use. Thunderbird got confused and tried to archive that to my gmail account. I just set the archive folder for all my accounts to a Local Folders one, and that problem went away.)

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