Method of aerogel manufacture

I want to invent a method of aerogel manufacture that works by filling a volume with gas A, then squirting in a tiny bit of gas B (or changing the ambient temperature/pressure, etc.) which catalyzes rapid conversion from gaseous state to aerogel state. That would allow completely form-fitting aerogel packaging materials to be manufactured in situ and without chemical waste. Variations in the gases, pressures, etc. would allow variations in the final properties of the material, including pore size, hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity, etc.

The material could also rapidly transition back to the gaseous state upon exposure to some other agent, to unpack.

But I have no idea how to invent such a thing, just a baseless wish/hunch that something like that could be possibly possible in some sort of world. So, if you’re reading this, please go invent that and give me 1% of your licensing fees in perpetuity. Thank you.

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