For a while I’ve thought that I needed to reduce the amount of work I do in order to be more satisfied. And I’ve got a pretty good setup in that regard, as I’m working well less than full-time and on my own schedule.

I think I need to point out that I don’t spend my time outside work just soaking in radiation on the couch. I wouldn’t have thought to mention it, except I heard that someone asked that when they heard about my workstyle. I guess I just assume that anyone who has found a way to free up their time would spend a lot of it reading, designing, walking, philosophizing …

So I guess my recent discovery that what I want is _more_ work, just less stress, is not a big revelation. It’s probably more a terminological shift than anything. Other ways to state my intention would be that I want less job and more work; stress without the distress; to get paid a little for the playing around that I do that some people would call work; to find ways to apply my lust for learning to applications that others can benefit from… something like that.

Which is why I have to start a company. Not yet gonna give up the current consulting gigs that give me a semi-steady income, because the last thing I want is to design a system for pushing my stress levels into the stratosphere, all the while knowing that I did it to myself, just because I have to generate significant income quickly. I’m going to develop my company in parallel with my consulting. I’m sure things will dovetail nicely as I progress.

I’m spending a little time seeking out people who seem to have similar ideas in mind for creating their best work. I’ll try to write up some of the conversations I have; just spoke to the owner of a small book store here in Ames and learned a few things…


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