I am a magazine subscriber

I just subscribed to a new, paper, magazine (Circuit Cellar, if you wanna know). This is odd, because I don’t much like paper*, especially with ephemeral content like magazines.

But I think I know why I did. Paper magazines, after I’m ‘done reading’ them, become totems. Of what I was, or want to be, or want to do. But like any such totems, they can sorta disappear into the background of my perception after they’ve laid around the floor for a few days. Magazines, though, come again fresh every month, on someone else’s schedule. So I think I got the subscription mainly to help establish habits that I want to establish.

Or, whatever. I probably don’t actually know why I do things.

(* The fact that I have a couple thousand pounds of books does not contradict the assertion that I don’t much like paper. Deal with that as you must.)

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