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“We Feel Fine”

This is pretty amazing, on a few different levels: We Feel Fine.


Acausal acts of kindness

If you get a chance today, try doing an acausal act of kindness. Do something nice for someone for no reason, and preferably without them knowing you did it. Of course, I encourage causal acts of kindness as well.

If you want to get really rigorous, try this: do one such act for every bad thing you hear in the news, and for every negative judgement you mentally make today.



Is it just me, or does it seem like the whole multilayered brouhaha (yes, I used the word ‘brouhaha’. Wanna fight aboudit?) about DRM, DCMA, RIAA, MPAA, WTFA is really a sideline from a more important question? The question is, why are we accepting this crazy model of top-down entertainment? Why aren’t we making music for our friends (and only for our friends), or stopping by a neighbor’s house when they’re doing a little play? Why are we even looking for entertainment instead of expression and communication? Why are we afraid to believe our own stories could be as enthralling as those enacted by someone who wouldn’t deign to appear for less than $10 million?