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I wonder when the day will come when the firmware in more consumer-electronics devices, like TVs, will go open-source. I would love to be able to modify the firmware in my TV. For one thing, there’s a very annoying video bug that I’m 98% sure is a firmware bug, but Sharp (ooops, I didn’t mean to say the name of the company, but it’s too late to backspace now) refuses to acknowledge that it’s a bug or fix it. I bet if I had a source tree/build tools/loader I could fix it in about a day, regardless of the fact that I don’t know anything about TV firmware.

But the real reason is this: some PS3 games do 720p and some do 1080p. When the mode switches, my TV has an indicator that comes on briefly that says “Video: 720p” or “Video: 1080p”. I want to change the former indicator to “Video: 720p (teh suck)” und express the anger than I am feeling about games that don’t do 1080p.


  • 2007/09/24 - 10:28 | Permalink

    Could you come over and fix the horrendously funked-up UI on my TV. The people that designed it obviously never used it.

    And while we’re at it, can we redesign the remote or the IR receiver (whichever parts make doing anything suck total balls)?

    But at least it is a big flat-screen. At least it has that going for it.

    Now that I have a HTPC, I only need to turn the TV on and off. Which can be a challenge, mind you, but at least the frustration level is reduced considerably.

  • Steven
    2007/09/24 - 11:28 | Permalink

    Yeah, the whole remote/UI situation is less than great. People complain about the user interfaces on commercial computer software, but, whoo, consumer-electronics devices are often quite a bit worse.

    I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, but I envision someday unbundling the whole remote-control aspect from all CE devices. Just give them a little serial/wireless network and standards by which to declare their functionality, then have a little box (OK, this _could_ be built into one of the larger devices to save another box) that marshals all the info together intelligently (I said ‘intelligently’!) and communicates to/from the single remote and/or a computer (like an HTPC). The remote would have buttons that are not spongy and unreliable, I might add.

    But I don’t know, if you have the “suck total balls” capability on your remote, you might want to keep that. Sounds pretty rare and useful. This integrated remote concept could also include a function to modulate that capability based on the content and rating of the current video…

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