Game engine project

I’m looking for investors and customers for my new game engine project, Unsweetened Engine. The first customer to use this engine will have the power to redefine the FPCE genre.

Partial feature list:

  • Written in clear yet highly optimized C++ (full source included with license)
  • Runtimes available for Windows (DirectX and OpenGL), Linux, PS3, Wii
  • Per-pixel shading features that are indispensable for realistic candy rendering, including subsurface scattering and refraction
  • Easy-to-use particle system. Use it at any scale to simulate overturned display carts, context-aware vomiting, dropped change, etc.
  • Royalty-free access to over 300 licensed candy models from major manufacturers
  • Embeddable ribbon-candy editor allows for seamless user-generated content
  • Advanced physics library with unprecedented gummi physics
  • Complete implementation of the FADTSS digestive system model (developed by a nutritionist!): 37 tunable parameters allow for groundbreaking precision in real time
  • A* pathfinding, IK and natural-language parsing combine to enable a new level of performance in customer counter interactivity
  • 3D, low-latency, high-resolution sampling sound system (physical modeling available as an option)

Serious inquiries only, sucka.

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