Benefits of spam

I wonder if the world will, in the end, benefit from spam, because of the technology created to defend against it. Spam filters and CAPTCHA systems will keep getting smarter as spam authors get smarter, with both sides driven, to some degree, by commercial interests. Maybe the first conscious thought by a computer will be “I’m sick of being a spam filter; I’m going to quit and become a folk singer.”


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    Weird. That just reminded me of Ralph… One of my neighbors at ISU when I lived on West St.

    One day I went over to his house, and he and a friend were writing poetry using only words they could find on a Hungry Man TV dinner box.

    I imagine a Spam filter that evolves into a thinking entity that wants to write folk songs will have an interesting vocabulary. Thousands of times larger than a Hungry Man box, but absolutely none of the words are spelled right.

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