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“Remember mismatched domains” extension for Thunderbird

Oh yeah, once again the open-source world provides abundantly for me. Thank you Andrew Lucking!

I have a shared webhost for my email domains, so when I turn on SSL for my POP3/SMTP connections, I get an error dialog at every first connect that tells me the domain name is mismatched, because the shared host’s SSL certificate is for the host’s domain rather than mine. This extension lets Thunderbird remember these mismatches and the fact that I’ve OK’d them, freeing me from having to hit ‘OK’ about twenty times a day, and in the process making my connection a bit more secure (since I’d hit OK on that dialog even if it really was a security risk).

Anyway, if you know what I mean, you know what I mean, and will love the extension. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.

Remember mismatched domains at andrewlucking.com


Feed Your Reader

Feed Your Reader is one of those nice little Firefox extensions that you know as soon as you wish you had it, that someone must have written it. It lets you send auto-discovered syndication links (RSS, Atom, etc. feeds) to an external reader rather than making Live Bookmarks. I like it. Thank you, Mr. Koziarski.



Speaking of learning, why wouldn’t you have already installed Scrapbook, if you indeed haven’t already? Excellent tool for browsing, which in turn makes it an excellent tool for learning.